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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stay Focused

I have been busy trying to get more People involved in what the goverment is doing and of ways to fight back. I am posting a link to what happened to a member of one of the groups, that wrote to his representive.

I guess this is something to be expected in the upcoming months. I fully expect the SHTF to occur around October or November of this year. IF, obama passes the 25% national sales tax there will be alot of People unable to afford to buy food, or anything for that matter, it is highly possible that there will be civil unrest across the Country. Preppers won't be as bothered by the crunch but we have to be prepared for what will follow.

By now, gardens should be going strong and food will be added to the pantry. I would suggest that attention should also be focused on home security and self-protection. Buy extra ammo and firearms when you have a little extra money. If you live in the city, take the time to plan where you will go -IF and WHEN- food riots begin. When this happens it will be hard and dangerous to travel. Don't wait until the last minute.

Our money is getting less valuable each day. The more obama has printed up the less it is worth. He, and congress, are close to achieving their goal in turning this country into a socialist country. I, for one, will do what is required to fight it. I am slowly building a network in my county of like minded people so that we can rely on each other should the need arise. I encourage everyone to write their representives and let them be aware of your concerns. I haven't been contacted by any FBI, or the like, but it is possible. This won't stop me from what I am doing to show my displeasure at the goverment.
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