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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I've been busy

I want to tell everyone I am sorry for not staying active here. I have been busy with other things related to the TeaPartyPatriots. I went up to Washington on 9/12 to add my voice and presense to the other Patriots that went. It was one hell of a turn out.

The H1N1 (swine flu) is a hot topic. I don't believe anything coming from the "elected officals" anymore. I will not be taking the vaccine, period. Vitamin D and stay away from anyone showing symptoms. It can't be worse than the 1976 Flu and a old Tennessee woman in Marysville saved my butt on that one.

Keep buying ammo, a box here and there. You don't have to buy 10,000 rounds at once. Pick up a shotgun, rifle and a sidearm if you haven't already. Pack a couple of dufflebags with items (clothes, medicine etc.) for quick grabbing in case you have to leave sudden like. Plan ahead of where you will go if the SHTF. Large cities will be in chaos so make sure you know the back roads. Road blocks will probably be a problem.

There's alot of talk about a global currency coming, buy some gold if you can afford it. Most of you are probably on the ball already, talk to your neighbors, feel them out on their opinion but keep your preps a secreat until you're ready to talk about it. You don't need some wannabe thugs trying to take yours away. Besides, dead bodies are a health hazzard...

As a sidenote, if you are on facebook - look me up at tnl_legal@yahoo.com - Theres alot of good info coming out about the current situation in America. Most of my friends there are good Patriots from all over the Country. We also have a Alarm and Muster Group (kinda like Paul Revere) so word will spread quick if anything kicks up somewhere. God Bless!
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