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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ideas for BOB Foods

When Farside and I held our Practice Bug Out Retreat, we each shared ideas on what types of foods we had packed. This may not be a new idea for many, but one never knows, so I am sharing what I often do when planning a campout and want to travel light but still eat familiar foods.

I premeasure oatmeal, salt and powdered milk into a vacuum sealed bag and place a sticker with the information on how much water to add when cooking it. Then I also have a sealed bag with my sugar, raisins and chopped pecans ready to go; a nice familiar feeling breakfast that would give me a lot of comfort if away from home. I also prepackage my loose black tea in homemade tea bags for use. The other sealed bag is a serving of complete Buttermilk pancake mix and a side of home dried blueberries, just add water. Tang breakfast drink rounds out a well balanced meal.

This idea can be used for lots of dried food items to go into your bug out bag. I recently purchased a cookbook called “Dinner Is In The Jar” by Kathy Cook. This book has many recipes for soups and stews using dehydrated vegetables, grains and pasta. With the addition of canned meat or freeze dried meat this would be heaven sent in case of a bug out situation or even a power failure at home. Farside and I kept a pot of water on the campfire continually for coffee or tea and a pot of soup could slowly simmer all day while one is working at other activities.

http://www.dinnerisinthejar.com/ For ordering information.
I plan to work through this cookbook to find recipes, tweak them to our taste that my family will enjoy and vacuum pack meal size amounts for my BOB. Having a home vacuum packer is a great way to assemble foods to carry that are more in keeping with what you are already enjoying on a regular basis. Do some creative brainstorming and see what favorites you can come up with using your vacuum packer to add to your BOB food selections.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome new members

Welcome our new members:


Pleasure to find some like minded people! You can call me Lester. I was hesitant about putting myself out on this internet as one of the prepared, but ya'll seem nice enough, and whats the point of surviving if you've got no one to share the brave new world with? ;)

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Hello all, I'm Ron, old guy, still working in the northeast metro Atlanta area . My wife and I have been reading a little about prepping and survival for a while now and we have begun in a small way stocking up on food. Looks like we have a long way to go and a lot to learn. I lucked into this site following up on an ebay listing for survival food. I'm excited about the extensive resources and advise available here.

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Hi from Georgia,
Just wanted to say hi and participate in the discussions, learn, and maybe offer my 2 cents worth. :)

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Hello my name is April and I am fairly new to prepping. I have been prepping for only a few months and need advice on getting the family(husband and teenage kids) involved. At this point in time they humour me but every day that goes by I feel an urgency to do more and learn more. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks.

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Papa Squirrel

Hi everyone-
Brand new to the site, as well as to prepping. My bride and our 5 kids have a cabin on 5 acres in the Waleska/Jasper area of Georgia. We have both agreed that our previous lives were not sustainable, and we have both started learning how to simplify and get out of the rat race. In a sense our quest for simplification and sustainability is part of our retirement planning, with our goal to be to decrease our living expenses and debt so that we require less savings to support a more realistic and infinitely more appealing lifestyle once we do decide to retire. I'm a former Army medic and EMT and now work from home which provides me with a lot of flexibility. Our location has some definite issues when it comes to long-term sustainability and survival preparedness. Water (and not the best quality) only from a deep well, not an abundance of grazing land due to slope and 4/5 of the land with hardwoods, lack of any significant storage (5 kids help see to that) and much much more! But we do have some basics - reliable heating with a large woodstove and lots of hardwoods as mentioned earlier, a quiet out of the way location, great areas for fruit trees, surrounded by wilderness, and lots of potential. We've started tackling all of the issues as money and time allow, but we would definitely welcome the input and wisdom of those with more experience to help us avoid costly mistakes. Looking forward to it!

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Hello all. Just recently got into prepping, survival skills. Look forward learning from those who have been doing this for a while. Located outside of Atlanta just east of Stone Mtn.

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I'm Eris. :) I live in on East Side of Atlanta near Athens. I'm still new to prepping, so I still have a lot to learn. I work in a Library and I am planning on going back to school to get my Masters so I can become a real Librarian. Yeah, odd I know that you have to have a Masters in Library Science to be a real Librarian. It's nice to meet all of you and I am looking forward to learning all that I can.

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Hello everyone, My name is Mike and I live in Georgia. Served 24 years in the military and now I am retired disabled vet and full time student.
Thanks for having me.

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howdy folks i'm new to this forum but not new to preping.central GA

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I'm glad to find this network and am really interested in finding people near me to meet with or talk with about their plans. I am new to this and just started making my plan for my family. Not sure how to prepare...I most want to plan a second location for my family and I to go to as of Sept 2012. Most concerned about Political and Earth Changes come 2012. Thanks! Bonnie

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Your Huckleberry

Hello all. I'm a 37 year old male and I'm a fledgling prepper/survivalist. I'm a prepper on a shoe string budget that the present economy is straining my efforts severely but I accept that and persevere. I'm here to learn and pass on any info or lessons learned that I can. I look forward to getting to know all you, my brothers and sisters in self reliance.

Your Huckleberry

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