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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flu Protection

There is alot going on in our Country today as it is, now they have added this swine/bird Flu to the mix. Not only is illegals bringing it over the border but students on spring break have brought it home. Kansas and New York are reporting it. I guess the FEMA Camps are starting to make sense. I thought that those reports were of the "tin foil hat" variety but.....

I have a cousin who happens to be a Doctor. She recommends the N95 masks (see link) they run $17.90 for a box of 20.

Please use precaution, keep updated on this issue. If you have to go around a large group of People I would wear one. We all know how fast a flu/cold can spread. With a large population of illegals (such as those that work in the onion feilds) it could spread quick. As more information becomes availiable I'll update.

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