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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Survival in a Backpack?

Backpack Survival - by Duncan Long, 1989

Many of us who are preppers know a person or two who plans to just "bug out" at the first sign of anything bad - let's look at this in more detail and see what it would actually take for someone to survive with just what they could carry on their back.


There's a lot of confusion about what survival means. To some, it's getting through the aftermath of an airplane wreck in a desolate area. It can mean knowing when to avoid walking in radioactive wastes. Or, it can mean knowing how to barter with troops in the aftermath of riots, war, and looting. To others, survival has to do with avoiding danger and knowing how to deal with it when it breaks into your home in the dead of night.

Survival ideas abound and there are as many definitions and strategies as there are survivalists. Some have good ideas for survival and some have unsound tactics. Bad ideas can mean extra work or trouble in everyday life; bad ideas during a survival situation get you killed. On-the-job training doesn't work when you're dealing with poison and gunfights. Or survival.

One of the most dangerous ideas--as far as I'm concerned--is that of "backpack survival."

A "back-pack survivalist" is a survivalist that plans on leaving his home ahead of a disaster and taking to the woods with only what he can carry out with him. He plans to survive through a strategy that is a sort of cross between the Boy-Scout-in-the-woods and Robinson Crusoe. The backpack survivalist plans on outrunning danger with a four-wheel drive or a motorcycle and hopes to travel light with a survival kit of everything he might need to cope with the unexpected. He hasn't cached anything in the area he's headed for because, chances are, he doesn't know where he's headed. Somehow, he hopes to overcome all odds with a minimum of supplies and a maximum of smarts. Certainly it is a noble cause; but it seems like one destined to failure. And that's not survival. . . . .more here

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Anonymous said...

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Prepared In TN said...

We weren't trying to utilize copyrighted material - which is why we provided the only link we had available at the time for what we considered an excellent article. Also, the entire article was not quoted, just an excerpt and a link back to the author, which is usually the standard procedure.

We have changed the link to the article to the one you left in the comments here.

rridgeoutlaw said...

This was my site. I didn't publish nor authorize anyone else to post a blog here. Someone owes me an explaination...

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