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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Good Morning Patriots. I am posting this link so that if there are any interested People who feel that they want to join a group or form a group in their area, try this link:


I also am re-posting a post I received from another group I am a member of. I am currently involved in too many groups to keep up with. I suffered burn out for awhile due to over-load. There are so many things going on at once that it's hard to keep up. I am culling these groups to what "fits my needs". This site, A.R.M., Alarm & Muster, and Tea Party Patriots are my limit for the new year. We must be ready when the ball drops. Phone calls, emails and faxes aren't working on this government. At some point America's Patriots are going to be to the test, Are WE up to the task? I think so. I also think its going to be long, hard fight but WE will prevail.

Please read this link. It explains what it means to be a survivalist today. I am sure some of you have family that think if you prep, you're a little crazy/paranoid. Mine does but as soon as the SHTF they'll be asking for shelter. This link will help/give ideas on how to respond.
Let me wish all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!


American Prepper said...

Robert, Can you explain this?:


American Prepper said...

We think someone's hacked your email and using it to scam people, Do you know anything about it?

rridgeoutlaw said...

Yes. I have contacted customer service about this. My email was hacked (even though I do daily scans) Emails are being sent saying I'm in the U.K and have lost my wallet, passport etc. asking for money. IT AIN'T ME! I posted a warning on FaceBook, guess I should have here. I am sorry for any headaches this is causing and hope to have it cleared up soon...

American Prepper said...

ok, cool man. Thanks for letting us know

American Prepper said...

Hey rridgeoutlaw. What email address are you currently using? I'm still getting those scam emails from your hacked email address. You can email me directly at americanprepper@yahoo.com

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