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Friday, March 27, 2009

Tax Protest

By now, everyone should be aware that a protest is brewing. This is not just about taxes to me, this is also about the way the goverment is forcing everything down our throats. Even France and czechoslovakia is telling the obamamites to pull his horns in, We are getting to Socialist for the Socialist. Our Dollar is becoming worthless, other Countries have quit buying our Treasury Notes. No one trusts the USA anymore.

This isn't just all about the obamamites, I blame the Republican Party for letting it happen also. Both Georgia Senators (Isakson and Chambliss) voted in favor to increase the americorps...5.6 billion dollars worth of volunteers. This will be to form another group similar to acorn. Another faction to garnish support for the democrat party, at our expense.

We can't sit back and wait on a 3rd Party to emerge. I love Ron Paul's way of thinking but, as usual, he'll wait until the last minute to jump on board. This only divides the Republician ticket and waste votes. No 3rd Party group will be on all 50 states ballots. We need to organize and refuse to vote for any sitting member of Congress. Lets clean house. If they are opposed by anyone, vote for the new guy. If no one runs against them, don't vote for them. Something needs to be done to wake them up. Hopefully this TeaParty will do so.

http://taxdayteaparty.com/teaparty/georgia/ ( For all Georgia locations)

http://taxdayteaparty.com/ ( For locations in other States)

1 comment:

Jessi B said...

I'm definitely going to the one near me...not to protest Obama (which is all the left sees), but to protest Congress, to protest the ridiculous notion that we can spend our way out of debt, and to protest the destruction of the American way.

But I really wish we could call for re-elections a year early...screw waiting until 11/2010 to vote on Congress. If we could do it a year early, we could get all of them out now.

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