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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Where did America go?

After listening and reading all I can about the shape our Country is in, I am really disgusted with the Republican Party and the Republican leadership. I have always voted Republican and encouraged others to do so because this was the Party that was closest to my values. No more! I just watched obamasan explain how he was going to save the American People $40 Billion a year by cracking down on wasteful goverment contracts. Standing to his left was John McCain. I almost puked.

The chairman of the RNP is in a scrap with Rush Limbaugh because he was honest in his opinion of obamasan's policies. IMO, This kind of in-fighting is the major reason the Republicans are sitting in the cornor while our Country is going down the socialist drain. UNITE, dummies. Stand together for a change. The demo's were able to join arms with a sleezy group (acorn) and get crackheads, wino's, street people in general to step up with the liberals and get this garbage elected. The Republicans that side with these idiots should be shunned by the RNP, they should be made to forfeit the Party name and be run out of office. I am sick of seeing McCain hold onto obamasans coat tail. I used to have the upmost respect for McCain, just because of his Military record. I'm a vet also. I honor all Military members but McCain is wearing thin. If he is going to be a Liberal, then so be it. Drop the Republican title and go lick boots.

I want the "old school" back. I can't have Reagan again (God Bless him) but I can't believe someone close to him don't exist. Right is Right - Wrong is Wrong, period! I have worked hard for what I have, its mine. It doesn't belong to some lazy, mal-content that blames the white man for all his troubles. $200,000 for tattoo removal in California, What? You want it off? Get a hot Iron and remove it. Next time you want to draw on something, get paper. You want health care? Get a job. I pay too much for my health plan but I do it. I have to do without buying something so my family is covered but I do it. Others can too.

America ( on whole) has gotten fat and lazy. There is no more accountability, no one is is responsible for their own actions. Its time to trim the fat. All we have is career politicans that worry about themselves and their friends. To hell with the rest of us. Who speaks for us anymore? No one. For too long People like us have been silent. We worked, went home and took care of our families the best we could. Most of us have watched the loonies on TV and just shook our heads. We have voted for the Party relying on them to look out for our interest. What did we get for being "good citizens"? We have been screwed by the very same People we elected to speak for us.

I'm sick of it. I don't know where it will end but my garden will be ready, my smokehouse prepared and my guns oiled.


wvsanta said...

All of us may not agree on everything all the time but one thing I am, is certain that the system is broken. I have also done my time serving this country and I do fully agree 100% that it is time for them to listen to the people again. Stand up come out and speak up and make your voice be heard. In closing I am with you 100% on your last statement also.
God Bless and keep up the good work

Christy said...

This is why I vote Libertarian.

ConfessionsOfAnOverworkedMom said...

Good post. Enjoyed reading it!

Kymber said...

I second ConfessionsOfAnOverworkedMom!

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