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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Food Storage Weekly Suggestions

Many years ago I received a weekly suggestion list of items to buy to help me with my Food Storage program.
It is still a useful reminder and I would like to offer it to Members here to keep us always mindful of adding to, using in a timely manner and replacing items we need and use on a regular basis.

Each week add one item to your regular shopping list. Get a marker for adding the date purchased on items to aid you in rotation. Buy the largest amount you can sensibly afford; but remember that it is better to buy a little and get started with your food storage program than to go into debt or put off any progress until you can afford to buy the whole year’s supply at one time. Very few of us will ever be able to do this. Like the hare and the tortoise…slow and steady wins the race.

Replace items as you use them! Remember these items are IN ADDITION to your regular grocery buys.
If you miss a week, skip to the next week, forget it and don’t get behind; any progress you make will help you be better prepared. Share any “hot buys” and bargains with other members here.

Week One
Get nuts! Drug stores have after Christmas sales on most canned nuts. Dry roasted nuts keep best.
I like to combine week one and two as spices are usually on sale this time of year.

Week Two
Spices, herbs you use most often: Pepper, bay leaves, cinnamon, oregano, chili powder, cloves, ginger, ect.
I have seen many coupons in newspapers for money off on spices and flavorings..clip them and use them to save even more.
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