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Thursday, December 30, 2010

State officials shut down a kerosene pump at Eatonton store

Post by: philandjudi

State officials shut down a kerosene pump at an Eatonton store on Tuesday, because it could be dangerous.
A release from the state Department of Agriculture says the pump at the Long Shoals Country Store on Sparta Highway could be contaminated with gasoline. That could cause an explosion.
The release says the inspectors noticed the problem during a routine checkup. The kerosene was sold during November, the state says.
If you think you bought some of it, you should immediately return it to the store to get your money back.
The release says officials closed the pump until they fix it.
Department of Agriculture inspectors are working with the distributor to find out how many gallons were sold, and are testing other stations that bought kerosene from the same distributor, the release says. :eek:

Test small quantity in a spoon and hold match against it, kerosene will not catch fire unless gas is in it.

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