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Friday, February 20, 2009


I have been approached twice about joining a militia. Both times I turned the offer down. I have been called names and have had my values questioned. This issue totally pisses me off!

FOR THE RECORD. I believe that by joining a Militia, I would be putting a target on my back I don't want or need, at this time. I am by nature a survivalist/prepper. To openly join such a group, I would have to confine myself to one area that could be easily surrounded and conquered. I would then either be dead or imprisoned. Neither is acceptable. Read the link:

In Georgia, the GBI used an uncover operative to infilitrate its group. Alot of people went to jail based on evidence the informer planted himself. What matters is, it caused the militia to disband. RubyRidge was brought about under similar circumstants. Waco is another. Right or wrong, the goverment disbanded them, death and/or imprisonment followed. The key to survivalism is "Do not bring unwanted attention to yourself".

As it is now, I can prep for what I feel is coming so that my family and I can survive without becoming puppets of a controlling goverment. I have the freedom of moving about day to day without drawing attention I don't want. I have the freedom of planting/raising /foraging the food it will take us to survive.

Do not take this as a weakness. If pushed into a corner, I will fight and fight hard. If outnumbered, I have bug out plans that will enable me to live to fight again. I believe in guerrilla warfare. If attacked I will hit back, leave the area and hit back again. If a movement against the goverment was called for and a large number of patriots joined in, I might change my mind. As it is now, and as it was in the 1700's, the men that fought for our Freedom from oppressive goverment were men of ordinary lives. When the time to fight came they left their farms, stores and families and marched off to fight with the regular armies.

I believe I can do the most good as I am. I stay in contact with like minded people, if help is needed it will be offered. Until that time, I will continue to prep and help others to do so. Please do not take this as a weakness. I firmly believe that the Constitution gave Americans the right to correct a goverment that becomes too oppressive, or one that no longer cares about its citizens. I am sure we will all soon know exactly what the obamamites have in store for us.


Mamma Bear said...

Our family agrees completely with you. Like you we would not join a militia and call attention to ourselves. We are patriots and will defend our home and way of life if we have to. If a movement against the government happens with a large number of others involved, I think many of us would be "unwilling" participants and I hope all of you know the meaning of my "unwilling".

American Prepper said...

Amen Brother. This is what I keep preaching to people, stay prepped, don't draw attention to yourself, Don't attack unless you are attacked upon. When the time comes, and you will know when that time is, be ready to be called to action.

nitewalker said...

Well said sir. I always tell folks they are the only ones that can make decisions for them. Great post.

wvsanta said...

Great post and I totally agree with you
God Bless and keep up the good work

Kymber said...

We, up here in Canada, support your stance too, rridgeoutlaw! And we will be here if you need to come to us, or we will be there to stand by you if you need us to come to you! We are all brothers and sisters in North America! Your stance is not anything close to weakness...your stance is one of true strength!
It is a wonderful thing to meet so many like-minded people on this network!

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