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Sunday, February 1, 2009


Far too many People equate Survivalism with hate groups or running off into the mountains to live in a cabin. This is far from the truth about the Survival movement of today. Survival equates with preparedness. One of the main problems with society today, is that too many people rely on the "goverment" to take care of them. They have lost the ability to fend for themselves.

It should be clear to everyone that our Country is in trouble. Our economy is tumbling down a steep hill without any brakes being applied. Our goverment has come up with an answer: More debt! 46 states are in dire trouble: http://www.cbpp.org/9-8-08sfp.htm, this is what I want to touch on today, a total economic collapse. ARE YOU PREPARED? Let's pretend for a moment.

Without the ability to restock all stores have limited supplies (remember the bread lines in Russia), to purchase anything, one must stand for hours in line outside. Soon food riots have started. Looters are breaking into buildings, this spills over into neighborhoods, where homes are being ransacked for food and other things. Not enough cops to protect all areas, they are used to protect "vital services". You are on your on.

I am lucky enough to live in a rural area. Pretty much isolated from the hordes but not from roving bands of thugs. I have a family to protect, shelter and feed. What do I need to accomplish this? First, I am a prepper. I have food supplies on hand to sustain my family for a limited time.
Second, I have firearms to enable me to forage more food.

Alot of People want machine guns and grenades. This is not needed. A shotgun, a .22 rifle, a sidearm (pistol) and a 30-30 rifle (or larger) With a .22 I can kill a deer (and have) but for big game its best to have something larger. A shotgun is good for both home protection and game for food. Alot of people don't know how to prepare game for eating: http://www.backwoodsbound.com/index.html , http://www.chuckwagondiner.com/ these are 2 excellent sites for recipes on wild game. This is a site that will explain feild dressing: http://www.state.tn.us/twra/pdfs/gamehandling.pdf, as with anything, pratice makes perfect.

Ok, back to firearms. A shotgun and/or pistol are good for home protection also. If you don't know how to properly handle a firearm, I recommend finding someone to teach you the basics. Its not hard or complicated and it may very well save your life or your family's life. I also recommend that you set up a network of People close by to form a watchgroup. In the event of wide scale unrest, travel is going to be hard. Check points will be set up and cars searched for weapons etc., you want someone close by to help out. Regardless of how good you are, you will have to sleep sometime. I am set up for a group of 10 (grownups) plus kids. I can easily isolate our homestead from entry by anyone we don't want in. Not everyone is this lucky, city dwellers will suffer the most, and while this is occurring, it will give me additional time to prepare for invaders.

With obama/biden in office I highly recommend buying guns/ammo now while you can. If you can't afford alot, check out your local papers (we have tell-n-sell) under sporting goods. Some good buys can be had in these. As always, I recommend printing out what you need so that you have it on hand when needed.


Bullseye said...

Ridgeoutlaw, this is one of the best posts I have seen in a while. Great advice for everyone. Forming small local groups is key to survival in the coming days. I am glad to know you are on the ball with your preps. You are an inspiration to all your readers. Great job Ridgeoutlaw, like to have you over on my ridge anyday.

Keep on preppin !!

rridgeoutlaw said...

I really appreciate that, bullseye. I have been a prepper for a while but recent events have me becoming more vocal on the issue. Its good to know another survivalist. One day we will all need each others support.

fed up said...

hey ridge, I went and bought 3 boxes of ...550 round of 22. rounds from wallyworld... Federal rounds $14.75 a box.. spent $ 50 bucks and got 1,650 rounds.. I try to do this once every month. I was thinking also haveing a bow and arrow wouldn't be a bad idea.. think about it .. If your in the woods hunting and say TSHTF already has happened. This way no one would hear a thing... no sound.. I know you would have to buy arrows but at least no one would pinpoint where a shot rang out and try to find you....whatcha think?????

fed up said...

bye tha way,, thankz for all the links.. keep blogging!!!! the sheep have to wake up!!

Mayberry said...

Excellent post, and God bless ya! Yer doin' the Lord's work m'man...

rridgeoutlaw said...

Fed up, You have a great point there. In addition, Archers have been part of warfare for thousands of year. Unfortunately, I can't shoot a bow worth a hoot. But you make a great point, its silent. A .22 can't be heard from a long distance either. You'll have to teach me sometime. Good buy on the .22, our WallyWorld has been out.

Anonymous said...

Ridgeoutlaw, just wanted to say hi and thank you for taking up the Georgia preppers blog.

Keep up the excellent work..

rridgeoutlaw said...

Thanks for the support. I am feeling my way through this as I go. I hope I can help some People, even if they aren't believers, to at least be somewhat prepared.

American Prepper said...

Georgia's coming along great Ridge, keep up the good work!

Cliff said...

Great job so far. You are a better man than me taking on this enormous challenge but I for one applaud you and thank you.
Now, for a question a little off topic for the topic I'm commenting in, if that is OK. Do you know of any place in Georgia that sells Alpine Aire or Mountain Home canned foods? I'm particularly looking for powered milk already in #10 cans. I've found a source for wheat over in Woodstock and will pay them a visit later this week but I really like doing my business in person instead of through the mail and with cash instead of checks or credit cards. Any other sources of prep items that you are aware of in Georgia and especially in the metro Atlanta area would be greatly appreciated.
Cliff in Douglasville

rridgeoutlaw said...

Cliff, At this time I don't have a clue BUT give me a couple of days. I'll find something thru my contacts.

www.WorldInfoCD.com said...

Excellant blog!! I agree with your posting and like the realistic outlook on firearms. Not everyone has to have the latest and greatest M4 with flashlights and lasers scattered all of it - although that would be nice. Especially in today's tough economic times - for those especially that are just beginning - a basic weapons/firearm layout just makes sense.

This is my first time visiting - I will be bookmarking and will be back.

Take care all -


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