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Friday, February 13, 2009

Recap on Gardening and a small rant

First for those planning a garden. Nows the time to put in some fruit trees and potatoes (known as tators) both of these will come in handy. By having a good garden, this cuts down on your grocery bill. Both fruit and tators have long been a survival tool.

I don't know how many of ya'll keep up with whats going on around us. There's a saying I like "just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get me". Listening to this spending bill the "messiah obama" (lean over and spit) has sold congress, makes me want to choke someone. Our Country has been sold out by a bunch of crooks -politicans - plain and simple. As a White Southern Male, I grew thick skin due to listening to all the "bad" things my kind as done over the years. The demorats and liberal sissies have unleashed the "pc" image on our youth, so that they grew up with guilt just by being born. Being Proud to be American has turned into something shameful nowadays. It is no longer a goal to work hard and suceed in this Country, too many people waiting on a handout. People don't want to work, they just want a paycheck. This is one reason we have so many illegals in this Country, Americans are too frigging lazy.

I believe that by the end of September/ early October we will see a food shortage. Our guberment has pushed us away from the small farms of yesterday. Most of the food we buy is from other Countries. When the economic situation gets so bad the stores can't get enough food, the sheep are gonna go nuts. This is why I prep. This is why I own guns and ammo. Ya ain't taking mine, simple as that. Also, there may come a time when the TRUE AMERICANS see the need for another 1776. I firmly believe this is what its going to take to get our Country back from (a overly large pig at the trough) Washington.

Look at who elected obama (leans over and spits) wino's, the unempoyed, people facing criminal charges (but not yet convicted) homeless people, the uneducated, the gays, liberals etc. This is who decided who will run our Country. Acorn ramrodded this operation. The same group who forced the banks into sub-prime lending, that started this ball downhill.
I hope we are ready. Rant over, for now.


fed up said...

tell them, tell them, tell them, man ridge, you feel the same way I feel.. nice post, see ya in a couple days man...

Mayberry said...

There's a lot of us who feel that way, but not enough yet to really make some noise (if you catch my drift). But I think the day is comin'....

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