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Friday, January 30, 2009

Emergency Food Package

Will you be prepared to survive in an emergency situation? Power outage, storm, major riots etc., for some reason you have to hunker down and can't get to a store? This is a basic breakdown of what you should have on hand, at least 2 weeks worth.

1. Wheat (corn meal or flour)
2. Long grain white rice
3. Pinto beans
4. lentils (this contains 26% protien)
5. Black beans
6. Oatmeal
7. Powered milk ( dehydrated)
8. Salt and Sugar
9. Canned meats
10. Water ( 4 ea. 10 gallon containers)
11. Batteries

As you go along you can add to the list depending on taste, these store well up to a year but as a precaution you can pull from your "stores" and re-add when you go shopping. Water storage is important, if using plastic, check the bottom for the recycle symbol and number. The number designates the type of plastic. #1 is most common for water bottles. Suitable for 1-2 time use. #2, 3, 4, 5 are safe.
You can find purification kits. Katadyn micropur, 30 tablets for $12.95. This is the least "yuckie" tasting and can be found at http://www.rei.com/product/695229, if you have kids and females add some kool-aide to help with the taste.


rridgeoutlaw said...

One thing I left out that most of us "older" people enjoy and depend on: Coffee. I don't like instant but at times I use it. In emergency it doesn't require as much work to make and easy to store.

MamaPrep said...

Some things that would be very important to store up on is medications. Your basic adult/infant tylenol would be very important for fever control. What other suggestions would you have?

rridgeoutlaw said...

I keep a well stocked First-aid kit on hand. Other than different size bandaids and gauze it contains, extra strength non-asprin 500 mg, Diotame (for upset stomach)Doans Pills, Back-Quell (for soreness) Triple antibiotic ointment, Amoxicillin (powder form,)Oraljel.
I suggest if you go to the Doctor (or friend/family member)keep all medications you don't use, Even if they expire (that doesn't mean its not effective). Thermometer, tweezers and scissors.
Think of your and family needs and plan accordingly.

rridgeoutlaw said...

another good site for food storage.


Robert Henry said...


Get your food squared away for less than a dollar a day. This will show you how.

Christy said...

I need to work on my water storage. We have enough food but we are lacking in water.

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