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Friday, January 30, 2009

Food Preps

Good Morning, Just sitting here drinking a cup of coffee before I head out to work. How many of you, right this moment, have any preps put up? If a ice storm moved in or a bad storm knocked your power out, Do you have enough put by to last you and your family until its cleared up and you could get to a store? What would you do if the economy dropped completely? There would be no food (or very little) to get, you might have to stand in line for a loaf of bread. This could happen - are you ready? or will you have to go to one of the FEMA Camps our Goverment is preparing ?

Another question for ya, What about security? Do you have a plan set up to protect yourself and/or family? Are you in a City or Rural? Are you prepared to deal with the road blocks and patrols that will be implemented in the event of total economic collapse? What about from roving bands of thugs, out to steal what they can until order is restored? These are things we need to prepare for. What will you do if the Goverment decides to disarm the Citizens? It happened during Katrina in Louisanna. Law abiding citizens had their weapons taken, leaving them at the mercy of the thugs. ARE YOU PREPARED?


fed up said...

Well, I know just what your talking about. We all need to be prepared for some case of emergency happens. I'm now currently under a boil advisery for are city water, but the thing is we haven't had water for 3 days now. My famliy wasn't prepared for this. The day they shut the water off. A friend call us to let us know we were going to get shut down.So we grabbed everything that we could and started filling them up with water,pots,tea pitchers,buckits,and ect. That lasted one day.Still have power and gas so were melting ice from outside to flush the toilet. The city hall just started handing out water yesterday. bottles and gallons.So I say yes we need to be prepare so we don't have to count on other people. You just may not have anyone around for days.. by the way... nice site to share info....

rridgeoutlaw said...

I'll touch on this subject more later but first chance you get buy some katadyn micropur, a 30 count package cost $12.95 (http://www.rei.com/product/695229) if the taste is bland you can add a little kool-aide to smooth it out. If you have kids this is a good way to get them to drink.

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