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Thursday, January 29, 2009


I am new to this, blogging that is. I have been a Prepper for quite awhile, I will appreciate any suggestions you want to offer.

Our Country is going through a rough time with no end in sight. Our Goverment has abandoned the Constitution and it's citizens. We need to be prepared for the worst while we hope for the best.

The main reason I am doing this is because there are alot of People like myself that need a place in Georgia to share their thoughts and concerns. Alot are new to the idea of Prepping, we will be here to offer ideas in that area.

Remember, this is the internet. Others may be reading as well. Keep it clean, Nothing to do with making bombs or how to convert weapons to automatic etc. We will edit if we have to!


Cliff said...

Glad to see you at the helm. I look forward to seeing what you have to say and will join in as much as I'm able.

Shy Wolf said...

Ridge- Welcome to the American Preppers Network. So very glad to have you.

American Prepper said...

Welcome Rige, Glad to see your first post

rridgeoutlaw said...

Howdy eveyone, I am looking forward to getting to know ya'll. I am open to suggestions as to what you want to discuss. This afternoon I will start with basic food preps and we'll go from there.

Mamma Bear said...

Welcome Ridge.... I have a lot of kin folk in Georgia who I will be sending your way.

Robert Henry said...

Hello everyone. I've seen Ridge's name on other forums and he always has something good to share! Thanks RH

Christy said...

Hi, I'm glad you took this on! I thought about doing it but didn't feel qualified. I'm not new to blogging but I'm fairly new to prepping and new to Georgia. I'd be glad to help out where I can. I have an article I wrote on my blog about buying in bulk from Amazon if you are interested in posting it.

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