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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tips For Survival

There are a lot of subjects to be covered concerning preps. It is almost impossible to be completely stocked to cover all situations. Alot of People just don't have the money to invest in things they would need if we were faced with a end of the world as we know it (EOTWAWKI), I don't believe that is gonna happen. Iran may try to nuke us in the future and we will cover Radiation protection later on. My concern is a SHTF situation (doo-doo hiting the fan). I strongly believe, due to events in our Country, we will face this. This (SHTF) covers alot, from major storms to economic collaspe, this is what we need to prepare for.

I am including a website that covers alot of info that will be helpful if you find yourself in a SHTF situation. I would suggest that, as you browse through it, you print out what would be helpful to you and keep it in a notebook or folder for later use. If for some reason you lose electric power - you won't have the internet - but you will have the info you need handy anyhow.



American Prepper said...

Good Job RidgeOutlaw, you have admin access

American Prepper said...

you have admin access so you can customize your site

rridgeoutlaw said...

Thank you, I hope I can help someone out.

fed up said...

Keep posting these types of blogs and you will help alot people out.......

Bullseye said...

Great post and link. Good you remind everyone to print this info too. When TSHTF we will not be able to hit the net for all our information. A preparedness/survival note book is very important to have. Good job.

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